Set Nth Lowest Rental Price

I would LOVE a feature to help avoid the 'race to the bottom' on rental prices. Due to the "set lowest price" feature unless I'm actively viewing each card's market its easy to get caught if there is only 1 or 2 cards that are way under current market prices for that card.

For example, if I have a card that I want to rent but out of the lowest available rentals right now the prices are 3.5, 45, 45.2, 45.3, 45.4, 45.5 then the default "load lowest price" feature will set my price to 3.45 or something when clearly there is only one card priced that low and the rest of the cards are going for 45ish.

Unless I'm watching closely then I will miss this in the midst of all of the cards to manage.

I suggest adding a feature to "Set 5th lowest price" or even just make it configurable (set Nth lowest price). So this way we can avoid mis-pricing the cards for current market conditions due to one or two fluky rentals that never got reset as market conditions change. Thanks

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